First presidential debate "Clinton v Trump"

First presidential debate "Clinton v Trump"

An interesting argument was confronted in the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were false accusations please or were they true? BBC has reported a reality check on Donald Trumps opinion on the war in Iraq.

Donald Trump repeated his insistence that he was against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, claiming Clinton's assertions to the contrary were "mainstream media nonsense put out by her".

Trump did not publicly speak out against the war before it started. On September, 11 2002, radio host Howard Stern asked Trump if he supported a potential invasion of Iraq. He replied: "Yeah, I guess so". During the debate, he tried to explain that away by saying the comment had been made "lightly". He said he had been arguing in private, to Fox News's Sean Hannity, that war would destabilise the Middle East, but we have no evidence to support that so far. He did start to express doubts after the invasion.

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