YouTube star John from "ReportOfTheWeek" makes $1,800 a month reviewing fast food!

YouTube star John from "ReportOfTheWeek" makes $1,800 a month reviewing fast food!

"ReportOfTheWeek" is also known as "ReviewBrah" and, outside of the internet, as John. (His full name is not being used due to privacy concerns.) He has built a thriving fanbase for his detailed and diligent and descriptions of fast food from you favorite fast food restaurants. 

With a critic's manner, John is deliberate in his praise of the about 600 fast food items that he has reviewed. Some, like the Hardee's Bacon 3-Way Burger, receive unabashed praise ("It's very interesting what they did with that bacon jam on it."), while others, like the KFC Chicken Little, are trashed. ("The chicken is even drier than the bread ... overall, very disappointing."). 

KFC seems to get a particular source of scorn. "I always try to be positive, but I get disappointed time and time again," says John.

John, a part-time college student who lives with his parents, supports himself with YouTube ad revenue and donations to his Patreon page. He estimates that he makes around $1,500 a month from ads and around $300 in donations.

in competition with other YouTubers like "JoeysWorldTour" and "Daym Drops" John uses his distinct to separate him from the others. 

His advice for aspiring YouTubers? Find the thing that make you unique.

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